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Plan Escalon (A Plan to Escalate)

“A God-given plan to escalate quality of life.”   - Isaiah 58:10-12

The heart of Plan Escalon is to reach young people before they need to be rescued—providing them with education, training, and an opportunity to break the cycle of hopelessness and poverty.  Plan Escalon provides a place where they can come and live in a community where there is a controlled Christ-centered, hope-filled environment. 

Plan Escalon is the place where dreams come true. It provides the setting that might be normally provided in a Christian home—a place of protection, provision, nurturing, learning, development, and parental-type oversight.  It is a place where they can learn basic life skills and values through teaching, instruction, and practical application.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Plan Escalón is the first and only school in its class to reach the very fiber of Honduras. It is a compassion ministry that brings help and hope to poverty-stricken youth, breaking the perpetual cycle of poverty that hangs its head over the nation.

Plan Escalón touches more than 450 students annually, equipping them with the necessary tools and training to step into the call of God for their lives. These students receive food and shelter, medical and dental care, vocational and technical training as well as spiritual guidance and Bible training.

Guy Henry, Field Director of Plan Escalón, recognizes the awesome potential in reaching the young people now, before they need to be rescued from the fierce struggle for survival. In a country where the priority for education ends at the sixth grade level, Plan Escalon offers an alternative, secondary education. Plan Escalón has opened its arms and embraced the young who desire to make a difference, but just don’t know where to start. It creates an opportunity for the next generation to take over with a Christ-like mindset and strong moral character. Through training and impartation, the students receive tools which enable them to walk in the fullness God has called them to walk in. Plan Escalón is proud to be used by God to change the face of a nation.

The students all know exactly what they are receiving at Plan Escalón. Here are the seven reasons why they become an "Escalónero":

  (1) To establish a vision;

  (2) To develop their character;

  (3) To find the plan and destiny God has for them;

  (4) To find and develop their talents;

  (5) To form and develop good morals;

  (6) To put their ministry into practice; 

  (7) To gain an education that will open doors for a  better future 

*** Our students make this confession of Faith every morning following their time devotion...
"Daily Confession of an Escalon Student".

Plan Escalon / Plan Escalón

LIfe in Plan Escalon / Vida en Plan Escalón

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