Newsletter June 2021

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Newsletter June 2021

Greetings Visitor we hope this month’s newsletter finds you enjoying spring, success in your efforts and in your life. We are happy to share with you an update on our recent projects and the efforts we are making through our Institution Arbol de Vida in Honduras. Thank you for your generous support of the people of Honduras, especially for supporting the education of our young people at Plan Escalon. It has been a very busy time here and we continue to grow, build and share the ministry with the people of Honduras.

Plan Escalon | Education

Unbelievable! The opening of the new school, Plan Escalon-Academia sin Límites, in the community of Samarguala, La Jigua Copan was filled with hugs, smiles, tears and butterflies (literally, they were everywhere you looked). For the first time in history, the children in this community have their own 2-classroom school with desks and blackboards.

This school represents more than an opportunity to learn, it is the first chance these children have to dream of a promising future. The school will also provide classes for adults. Most importantly, this school represents HOPE for future generations in this community.

Operating under the auspices of Plan Escalon / Tree of Life, the children will receive a full day of education and a daily meal (for some the only guaranteed meal they will ever have). They will have a safe and calm place to learn, to grow, to dream and to mature and become contributing members of their community who will help change the nation.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported this amazing project. YOU have touched a life, created an opportunity for these children, and created an environment where hopes and dreams can become a reality.

Presentation of photos and videos.

Samarguala Honduras | School

Plan Escalon | Tree of Life Institute

In the coming weeks we will be welcoming back our third year high school students for a week of renewal. Due to the ongoing Covid restrictions in Honduras we are limited in the number of students allowed to be together at any given time. We are planning classes, meetings, spiritual engagement and making plans for their full time return to campus. For those of you who’ve been to our school, you know the lively, engaged, family atmosphere we have (which we have missed!!) and everyone is excited to be able to renew friendships, reconnect and are looking forward to full time, onsite classes again!

Life in Action | Virtual Mission Trip

Our project, “Virtual Mission Trip” is about to finish the construction of the house of Mrs. Irma in the next week. She and the children are very excited by the amazing changes to her living space and are counting the days until they can settle back in. The remaining items needed to be installed are doors and windows and a few other small details. As they have elsewhere in the world, construction costs have doubled since we began the build! If you are able to help support this effort, we still need $800 dollars to complete the project. This has been a wonderful effort by our team and the volunteers who have helped in the build. We have two new homes on the radar that are in need of repairs and will be updating you soon on these exciting projects. Thanks as always, it is only with your help and the support of God that we will be able to finish Mrs. Irma’s and continue building more houses for families in need in the different communities of Honduras.

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