Douglas & Liliam RamirezDirector of Spiritual Development

Douglas Ramirez started as a student at Plan Escalon in 1989 and studied here for six years until graduating in 1994. He and his wife, Lilian, have been leaders here at Plan Escalon since 1999. Both graduated from the Living Word Bible Institute with a degree in Theology. The couple has two children, Amy Sarah and Gabriel Josiah Ramirez. Douglas is the director of Spiritual development and Lilian is the coordinator of female mentors. What led them to work at Plan Escalon was their love for God, the opportunity to help young people see life differently, and their desire to preach and teach God’s word. They continue their work here because they know there are others that need a step up to become someone in life, just like they did. Douglas and Lilian believe the vision of the ministry is more than a slogan, it is a revelation. God is the only way this ministry can move forward and become a cornerstone in the development of the kingdom of God. There is so much need, earthly and spiritual, around the world. Plan Escalon is helping young and new believers find the only person who can fill these needs. It is a challenge, but with faith and God’s help they believe the nation of Honduras can be changed.

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