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Tree of Life Ministries provides a variety of resources to the people of Honduras through a collection of ministry outlets:

  1. Plan Escalon – an educational & vocational training plan to escalate quality of life
  2. Educational Institutions – learning facilities where young people “learn how to learn”
  3. Life in Action – Showing people the gospel by lovingly meeting their physical needs
  4. Church Planting, Developing and Networking – Strategically church planting and multiplying
  5. Bible College and training seminars – Equipping believers to impact a nation
  6.  Business training – Developing business opportunities, a practical marketplace ministry.
  7. Orphan Care – Taking care of the fatherless

become volunteer

There are many opportunities to be part of a Nation Changing Team. There are Short term, Long term and Full Time Mission Field Opportunities. Support teams and Sponsor teams. If you are interested please contact us for more information.

Tree of Life Ministry Provides:

Plan Escalon

The heart of Plan Escalon is to reach young people before they need to be rescued—providing them with education, training, and an opportunity to break the cycle of hopelessness and poverty. Plan Escalon provides a place where Honduran youth can live in a community where there is a controlled Christ-centered, hope-filled environment.

Educational Institutions

The Tree of Life Education Division equips young people for life and future learning by providing them with a high quality education. It also provides opportunity for practical application of what they are learning as well as vocational training that helps prepare them for the future.

Life in Action

Life in Action is an aspect of our ministry that reaches out to surrounding communities with food, clothing, shoes, medical and school supplies, wheelchairs and medical and dental care. Life in Action makes every donation reach its full potential by targeting communities and individuals who most desperately need aid and help to reestablish themselves and their families.

Arbol de Vida Churches

The Tree of Life Church Headquarters is a church in action—working to strategically plant outpost churches, raise up local pastors, and provide ongoing support and oversight to assist in their growth and development. Strategically placed Outpost churches provide a place for the people in a local community to gather together, have church, and be the church. The church becomes a center for faith, hope, and vision for their personal lives, their families, and their communities.

The average percentage of our graduates that go on to college is over 50% while the national average is between 1.5% and 8%.
Change a Nation
We do over 350 life in action (social outreaches) every year. Always reaching 300,000-400,000 people annually.
The national unemployment rate right now is about 78% we are averaging somewhere between 75 and 80% of our graduates with full-time employment. We are the only school in the nation that is providing vocational and technical training as well as our high school and technical education.

Needs for Tree of Life

TOLM is committed to service the nation of Honduras.
We have both financial needs and physical needs you
are invited to help us with. Please click the buttons
below to make a financial contribution or to review
a list of ongoing needs.

Network Cables
RJ45 connectors
Computer keyboard
Computer mice
Pc screen cleaners
Pc electrical contacts cleaner
Small office desk
Conference desk
Office Chairs
Filing cabinets
Camera case
Adding machines
Acrylic and permanent markers
Letter size paper ream
Photo paper of all sizes.
Adhesive paper for labels
Paper for trifold
Staplers of all sizes
Staples of all sizes
Paper hole punchers
Scissors of all sizes
Fastener for reports
Binder clips of all sizes
Paper cutters of all sizes

Toner ink for filling cartridges
Epson ink for printers for models
L110 220 555 etc.
Rules of All Kinds
Fabrics and teaching aids for
handicrafts threads and needles.
Components for laboratory
High bench for science lab.
Projectors for classes
Books for library
Expanded maps for the library
School backpacks
Adapters and converters of sound
and video of computer to device.
USB, 4GB or larger
Rechargeable AA Batteries
Rechargeable AAA Batteries
9 Volt Batteries
Battery Chargers
Drum sticks
Microphone cables
Guitar strings
HDMI cables of all sizes up to
100’ Camera Accessories
NiKON D3100 & Canon EOS7,
Tripod-Video camera
Monopod-Video camera
Network hub & Wifi Routers

Kitchen Supplies:

Kitchen gloves
Thermoses of all sizes
Knife sharpening stones
Mixer to make dough
Large refrigerator
Kitchen shelves
Industrial cleaning kit
Liquid soap
Soft Scrub-Chlorine
Push brooms of all sizes
Hand soap and dispensers
Liquid glass cleaner
Cookie sheets
Pizza pans

Other Supplies:

Boxes of hand soap
Toothpaste and toothbrushes
Deodorants man and woman
Toilet paper
Bathroom towels
Security Cameras
Beauty salon chairs
Equipment for a beauty salon
Hair dryer
Haircutting clippers
Seeds – vegetables, corn, beans,
fertilizers etc.

Here’s a snap chat of our success!

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Unemployment Rate
Life In Action A Year
Served Annually
0 %
Number of Students that Find Employment After Graduation

TOLM in Recent Projects

Find the need. Meet the need. Change the nation.


Orphan Care

Reaching children at an early age— and raising them with hope before they need to be rescued.  Showing them compassion and giving them love, care, and hope of a better future.  Giving them a destiny—providing them with a God-given opportunity for a higher quality life.


Medical Brigades

There is so much sickness and disease due to the lack of good nutrition, good water and any type of medical care causing many to suffer needlessly to poor health. We are attempting to meet that need by providing medical brigades with teams of doctors, nurses, dentist and hygienist along with seminars on health care. 


Business Training

Students in action—young people developing businesses through the practical application of what they have learned. Students and graduates using business as an opportunity to apply knowledge, gain practical experience, and help others by giving something back to Plan Escalon.


Being Jesus to a Nation

Benevolent People Words

  • "All the staff and children of Plan Escalon are very special people. They give their lives daily working together to train, encourage, and develop the future generation of leaders in Honduras. We love visiting them and supporting their mission...'Find the need. Meet the need. Change the nation.' Their foundation is set on Christ. God bless you all!"

    Tracy Gibby Supporter
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    John Kate
    John Kate School Teacher
  • "Plan Esclon reaches young people. Most of whom without Plan Esclon would be in desperate situations to meet their basic needs of food and shelter, as they receive education to be better contributing members of their communities. Plan Esclon empowers these young people with technical education, vocational programs and opportunities otherwise unavailable. Plan Esclon provides an atmosphere and safe place for Honduras and kids from surrounding regions to meet and serve Jesus. This is evident above all!"

    Billy Willis Supporter
  • "Plan Escolon is changing the lives of young people that need a chance for success, and a chance for a positive future. When this happens, the future the next generations and the future of the nation of Honduras is changed in a very positive way. Help by getting behind this ministry, I have."

    Gary Shotton

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