Arbol de Vida Churches

The Tree of Life Church Headquarters is a church in action—working to strategically plant outpost churches, raise up local pastors, and provide ongoing support and oversight to assist in their growth and development.
Strategically placed Outpost churches provide a place for the people in a local community to gather together, have church, and be the church. The church becomes a center for faith, hope, and vision for their personal lives, their families, and their communities.
The Tree of Life Team helps people develop compassion and the passion to live a life of action. Ultimately, these local churches become a “church in action” and provide Life in Action outreach and evangelism in their area. The compassion to find the need and meet the need continues and the quality of life improves.
The Center of Operations church facilitates the networking and interconnecting of pastors and leaders so they become part of a widespread team who are providing gospel ministry in many different areas throughout the country.
We are presently reaching 47 villages, with 25 disciples (pastors). Each pastor covers more than one area to ensure coverage in ALL locations. As more resources become available we will have the opportunities to reach many many more. Our team at TOLM, encourages, trains, and networks these pastors so they can be an effective voice in their service to their perspective villages.

These churches are a conduit of blessing in their communities, being the contact point for many developmental projects such as medical campaigns, water projects, instructional classes, improved education and food and clothing drives. The church in Honduras is becoming known for not only being a place of safety, but a place of both personal and economic growth.

The areas that we have already reached are found throughout the remote mountainous regions of the departments (states) of Copan and Santa Barbara. Other areas have been opened to us via invitations, but at this time due to lack of resources we wait for the “timing of God.”

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