"Covenant Teamwork" (When Unity Is Not Enough)

Covenant Teamwork is not just an obscure concept but a way of life that leads to radical success in ministry, home, business, and relationships. Just what is “covenant teamwork”? How is it different and more affirming and effective than traditional business models of team building? Most leadership books focus on shared vision and building unity- all important to be sure. But when you and your team discover the power of applying the biblical concept of covenant to your work together, you will be amazed at the difference.

Honduran Coffee

Our Coffee comes from the highest mountain regions of western Honduras, over 1500 meters above sea level.  It is some of the finest tropical soil for coffee.  And is awarded seals for Organic, USDA, Fair-Trade, Rainforest… and receives a rating of 85%-95% which allows us to compete as well in the international market as a high grade coffee.

We coop with organizations that are training the small farmer how to produce exportable coffee while also serving to increase the environmental protection.


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