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3 Tips to  Settle Into Their New Home

Leaving your country and family for a new land can be daunting, but there are several ways to make the process of settling in easier.

While keeping close ties to family back home, it’s also crucial to build relationships in your community. Doing so allows you to meet new people and make connections that could be beneficial if you are in school or are seeking employment. Here’s how to settle in after a major life move, and still keep healthy and vibrant connections with those in your homeland.

Maintain strong ties to home

Communication options

To help bridge the miles as you settle in, look for ways to stay connected with loved ones back home. These days there are several options for staying in touch, from video call apps to social media, and you can also get creative with your communication. Set up some fun virtual recreation with your family members, or record a video message

that you can send on special occasions, like birthdays. This is an easy way to support your loved ones when you can’t be there and to maintain your own mental health, as being able to see and talk to your family can be extremely helpful after a major move.

Practical support options

Many people who immigrate to places intend to financially support loved ones back home, and typically send a significant portion of their paychecks to family members. To avoid the risks associated with sending cash, using a remittance service can make this process easier and faster. For example, if you want to send money to friends or family in India, look for a service that offers safe and timely transfers at little to no cost. A service like Remitly even provides different options so you can send funds to loved ones almost immediately or within a few days when there’s no hurry.

Similarly, you might want to provide actual items to loved ones, such as clothing or shoes. If you plan to send a package to those at home in India, ShipBob provides a similar service. Through ShipBob, you can compare shipping rates with major service providers. You can also look at the amount of time each option entails, so you’re certain to find the shipper who meets your needs and budget.

Embrace your new community

Another helpful way to settle in after you move to a new country is to get to know people and make new friends. Joining a religious organization like Tree of Life Ministries, for instance, will allow you to find support and fellowship as you learn more about your new city. You can even get involved with their work with the less fortunate or with children. Volunteering your time and energy for a good cause can help you feel more at home, allows you to meet people, and can also boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Buy locally when you can

You can also support your new community by making an effort to buy local, so look for opportunities to purchase produce, meat, and other food products from small businesses or farmers. The local farmers market is a great place to find products sourced from the area, often including everything from food to handmade jewelry and clothing items. You can also shop at stores that offer local items, which benefits the environment as well as the seller. Strike up a conversation with vendors and get to know the goods they offer, as you never know what kind of valuable connections you might make.

This is also a great way to gather items to include in a care package for your loved ones, which will help them learn more about your new city too. Take it a step further and put together packages for hospitals or homeless shelters.

Getting settled into a new area can be tricky, but with the right support and fostering strong communication with your loved ones, you can make your transition a smoother one. Think about how you can serve your community and get to know your neighbors, as this will help the process along as well.

Tree of Life Ministries is dedicated to empowering impoverished people in Honduras through training and educational opportunities. Connect to make a donation, join a mission trip, or learn more about how they are making a difference — and how you can, too.

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